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I grew up by Lake Sammamish, baiting homemade rods with cheese and hot dogs to catch mudfish, swimming out to the floating dock where the muskrat family lived.


I vacationed with a friend’s family at Lake Chelan, jumping off bridges into schools of fish, staying up late and smoking cigarettes at the boat dock.


I spent a long week at Bass Lake with my family, riding an innertube  behind my uncles’ rented ski boat, playing video games and eating ice cream at the small town arcade.


Lake towns are special.  They take us back in time. They are a slice of Americana—most of all, a place to truly relax.


Boathouse Barbershop is here to offer up a bit of the lake life.  It is a place for cold beers and good conversation; where the records are always spinning, and you walk out feeling better than when you walked-in.


Book an appointment today for a bit of the lake life at Boathouse Barbershop.

Andy Miller, Owner
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